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in the crimean peninsula. john.s. secretary of state kerry says that putin will suffer record cautions for what he calls an incredible act of aggression. >> he is going to lose all the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extravaganza. a sochit going to have g-8. he may not remain in the g-8 if this continues. he made find himself with asset freezes on russian business. american business may pull back. there may be of further tumble of the ruble. there is a huge price to pay. >> a lot of threats. to meetaveled to kiev with european ministers. the world is trying to determine what is mr. putin's next move. our guest -- we have the advanced study director and richard falkenrath also joining us. also another guest on the phone. we will start with you. threats or will they go anywhere? >> no, i think they are very real. as secretary of state kerry , the ruble fell. the stock price in russia fell more than 10%. >> ok, you say that it has an effect. i come back with, why is putin not backing down? >> because putin has made an economic and military calculation -- a political and militar
mindset is you have to have a bounce budget. qwest we have john kerry speaking now. >> a tremendous job. none of us want the importance of what we came here to talk about with respect to lebanon be lost. in all of the obvious discussions taking place on the question of the ukraine. the company that came to paris today for this important and timely meeting have all bound us together by a strong commitment to lebanon. a serious conflict bills over -- lebanon's borders the crisis grows we are deeply for the security and sovereignty for their ability to be able to chart their own futures and fulfill the same basic apps -- with everyone else on the planet. i would showed a very dramatic charring effect goes through the last four years four differed charts to show you the extraordinary change in lebanon is a splotch of red instead of red dots. the entire borders read today because of the refugees in lebanon. impactan extraordinary on the dynamics of budget. people are looking for work, people who work for less, it drives wages down and changes it for that nation. the united states is proud to
. >> secretary of state john kerry has said that the united states will guarantee a $1 billion loan to ukraine. they are also considering direct aid to ukraine. the trouble though, trish, is the ukraine needs about 35 to $10 to be solvent. and theou -- the eu united states have been debating this. they have said they will commit one billion dollars, but obviously nowhere near the amount of money ukraine needs to come back from the brink of default. kovacic now onh the run somewhere in ukraine. kovacic ent victoriana vich on the run somewhere in ukraine. ukraine is taking steps forward to put together a new government that could come into place tomorrow. the u.s. guaranteeing a one billion dollar loan. not enough though. they need $35 billion. trish? >> shifting focus to beijing. the notorious air-quality there has reached hazardous levels for a seventh consecutive day before the national people's congress. air pollution is the number one cause of complaints and will dominate discussion of the communist meeting. stephen engle reports. >> we in the media like to use cute terms like airpocalypse
for russia to send troops to eastern ukraine. john kerry landed in kiev and came out swinging. >> if russia does not choose to the escalate, if it is not willing to work requiem with the government of ukraine as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> americans get tough. stocks are taking a breather. perhaps an indication markets might not believe the military standoff will result in more. maybe a military calm. we want to bring in the panel was more on the situation. chairman and ceo. vice president of global analysis. theown ryan chilcote on ground. going straight to you to get the very latest. what are people thinking insulating? -- and saying? those were the very first public comments we have gotten from the russian president since conflict began. the sense that at least for the moment he has no intention to go into the east of the country. he said russia does not see the need to go into ukraine yet with
kerry using tougher language. this is an effort by the white house to ratchet things up one more notch. they see things in ukraine and crimea specifically that they do not like right now. >> whether the lines -- what are the lines of communication going on since the change in leadership in ukraine, between the white house and the fledgling leadership there? >> the primary points of contact our u.s. diplomats, who have regular communications with opposition leaders for days now. it has been the vice president, joe biden, who has had the most direct indication with some of the interim leaders who are now in place in the ukraine. not the president himself. he has been in touch with vladimir putin. they spoke directly on this. the vice president -- >> we are awaiting the president's statement on ukraine. we will have that for you right after this. >> bloomberg television is "on the markets that" let's get you caught up on where markets ended today. the s&p closing at another record. toward thet steam close of trading. the nasdaq closed in negative territory. escalating tensions between rus
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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